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Monthly Archives: June 2024

A photo of flowers planted in a garden in Northern Arizona

Prescott’s Summer Garden Guide: What to Plant in June, July, and August

Posted On June 10, 2024 Introduction: As summer settles in Prescott, Arizona, gardening enthusiasts are presented with unique challenges and opportunities. With scorching temperatures and the arrival of the monsoon season, choosing the right plants and timing for your garden is crucial. Here's your guide to what to plant in June, July, and August to… Read More
Water feature and patio of a backyard in Northern Arizona

Beat the Heat: Innovative Ways to Create Shade in Your Garden

Posted On June 05, 2024 As the summer sun beats down on Prescott's high desert landscapes, finding respite in the shade becomes a top priority. However, shaded areas in your outdoor spaces offer more than just a cool retreat – they can also enhance the beauty and functionality of your garden. At Vicente Landscaping, we… Read More