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Smart Controller for Irrigation System

Save on Your Water Bill with an Automated Web-Based Irrigation Unit

At Vicente Landscaping, we can help you upgrade your irrigation system to help you maintain a healthy landscape while saving you money. The mobile-friendly irrigation management platform provides highly secure, comprehensive cloud-based control and monitoring features for efficient and reliable watering. The connectivity allows you to view a controller’s status, change settings, view forecasts, save water, and receive instant notification of important system alarms — all without costly and time-consuming travel and site visits. 

“Every summer, our water bills are over $100 just to keep our small green area and flower garden healthy. Since installing the unit, our water bill has gone from $137 to $74!” 

                                                                                                                                             – Darlene K

Here are four reasons why you will want to upgrade today. 

Manage your system from anywhere. You can gain convenient system access anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or the web for a range of remote management capabilities. Remote monitoring allows you to conveniently view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller. 

Save Water Advanced, web-based climate monitoring uses local forecast data including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and other factors to automatically adjust your irrigation system to area weather conditions, ensuring plants remain healthy — rain or shine. No more wasted water. No more dead plants.

Protect Your Landscape Designed to manage different landscapes across various climate zones, Web-based irrigation unit prevents over and under-watering to ensure your plants get exactly what they need to remain healthy and flourishing.

Add Your Contractor Built-in flow rate and valve monitoring instantly alert us in the event of a problem, so you can be rest assured that your outdoor living space remains protected, and your irrigation system is in good hands.

Simple screens with intuitive controls put powerful adjustments and remote control at your fingertips. From the user-friendly dashboard, it is now easier than ever before to add alarm monitoring, location information, remote operation, and flow monitoring to compatible our controllers.

Schedule an appointment with Vicente Landscaping today to see how you can maximize your system’s performance to save on both water and money.