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Cleaning & Sealing Pavers with Techniseal Cleaner & Sealer

As urban landscaping has evolved, concrete pavers have become an irreplaceable part of the modern backyard or garden. The versatility they provide is a major interest point for pavers; whether you use them around a hot tub or in front of a house, they are a great way for homeowners to bring a clean and polished look to their property. These pavers can last for lifetime if taken care of correctly. Therefore, it becomes incredibly important to ensure that the pavers have been thoroughly cleaned and sealed so that they last longer. To ensure proper installation of your pavers you must know the following information on cleaning and sealing the pavers!

The Right Time for Sealing Recently Laid Pavers

Experts recommend waiting at least for a year before sealing a recently laid paving job, but that is no longer necessary. Because they can face a full weather cycle in a span of 2-3 months, a wait of 60-90 days should be enough before getting started. This will allow any natural efflorescence to escape from the pavers. It also enables the pavement work to attain an optimum joint-stabilization level.

Preparing Surface before finally Sealing Concrete Pavers

The most vital element of perfect pavement work is preparing and cleaning the surface properly. It becomes incredibly important to remove any visible stains with the help of proper organic stain removers. We recommend trusted brands like Techniseal to achieve best results.

Tools Required for Successful Sealing of a Paver Surface

The two most popular methods for sealing pavers are rollers and sprayers. Both provide similar results in the end, but the major difference is that the sprayers require more time spent on preparation. Whatever method you choose, it is important to keep the saturation level in mind while sealing the pavers. The best method is to apply the sealant generously and wait for 4-5 minutes until the surface absorbs it. You should do this until a small portion of sealant is left on the surface to ensure the task is done properly. You can give it the final touch by removing any excess sealant through “back rolling” over the remaining product. Sealing pavers is a task that demands high accuracy and attention to detail. It is not like painting a wall where you can apply a second coat if you messed up on the first. It is important to be highly careful while doing the sealing job!

Is Annual Maintenance and Touch-up necessary?

High-quality products like Techniseal paver protector have been designed to last longer, but we always advise an annual touch-up. If taken care of properly, pavers can go years before they need complete resealing.  

To ensure durable sealing, we recommend that you take time to plan, be thorough, and use high-end products. If you need assistance with this, or any other landscaping services, please visit VicenteLandscaping.com. We would be happy to help!

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